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NASCAR® GP in Belgium!

The American Festival NASCAR® finals

Valencia has been a whirlwind of excitement, roaring engines and, tight finishes. <name> took the victory in the Elite 1 series and <name> took the stage in Valencia as the Elite 2 winner.


The Circuit: Zolder


Iconic. Famous. Fast. It can only be the Zolder circuit. The perfect location for the NASCAR® 2018 final. All supported by MOOG®, providing essential parts for the racing experience.


Road course circuit
length: 4.011 km
10 turns

It's the 2018 NASCAR® final!

The race is on! Get in the mood for the NASCAR® 2018 final with our pre-movie. Watch it now!


Non-stop action. Non-stop emotion.

Experience the thrill of NASCAR®: high-speed races, world-class driving and a fantastic, family-friendly atmosphere!


Tom Boonen: from world-class cyclist to NASCAR® racing driver

From dreaming to crashing, from racing on two wheels to four: it can only be Tom Boonen. Read his views on his recent semi-final crash, and more.


2018 NASCAR® final

Nail-biting finishes, high-speed racing, world-class driving. Watch Saturday's races for yourself!

Relive the excitement!

What an amazing end to an amazing season! Catch up here with the last day of racing at the 2018 NASCAR® final.