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NASCAR® GP in Spain!

Discover NASCAR® Valencia’s Tormo circuit!

Valencia has been a whirlwind of excitement, roaring engines and, tight finishes. <name> took the victory in the Elite 1 series and <name> took the stage in Valencia as the Elite 2 winner.

Valencia Blank Map

At long last, The 2018 European NASCAR® season is here: the best of racing in one thrilling weekend. Fasten your seatbelts for high-speed races, world-class drivers and spectacular NASCAR® shows, all supported by quality MOOG® parts. Did you know that since 1966, it’s no coincidence that all 22 championship-winning drivers have had one thing in common – their Steering & Suspension brand MOOG. With proven durability and superior performance, one brand has carried every NASCAR® champion.

The Circuit: Valencia

Discover Valencia’s R. Tormo circuit, the location of NASCAR® Europe’s first race of the year. As an official partner, MOOG will be an essential part of the racing experience.



What are you expecting from our newest NASCAR® Insider?

Serious racing news? The season's highs and lows? Exclusive access?
It's all that - and so much more!

Serious racing credentials...
Amazing driving skills...
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It must be the latest NASCAR® Insider!


Meet Jérôme Galpin, President-CEO NASCAR Whelen Euro Series™

What does NASCAR® mean to me? It’s pure racing. It’s sharing passion with fans. It’s the complete spirit of racing. Just having fun on the track. And the roaring of the V8, the sounds, the colour, the drivers. It’s all NASCAR® . I love it.


Are you ready?

Rev your engines and get ready for the chequered flag. The 2018 European NASCAR® season is here! And it’s going to be epic. Are you ready for it?


Follow the action - live!

Be at the heart of the action as you follow every twist and turn of the race with the NASCAR® live stream.

9:50 am CET - Qualifying
1:20 pm CET - ELITE 1 Round 1
4:50 pm CET - ELITE 2 Round 1

10:50 am CET - ELITE 2 Round 2
2:20 pm CET - ELITE 1 Round 2


NASCAR® and MOOG: a match made in racing heaven

Find out why NASCAR® insists on MOOG Steering & Suspension parts for every one of their championship winning cars. Plus, what does Paul Tersi, Brand Manager MOOG, love about NASCAR®?


Did you miss the NASCAR® Spain race?

Catch up with the highs and lows, the thrills and spills, the fun and games of NASCAR® Europe now!