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NASCAR® GP in Germany!

The American Fan Fest!

Valencia has been a whirlwind of excitement, roaring engines and, tight finishes. <name> took the victory in the Elite 1 series and <name> took the stage in Valencia as the Elite 2 winner.

The Circuit: Hockenheimring


With tight corners and the famous Parabolika-Kurve, the Hockenheim circuit is the perfect challenge for the 2018 NASCAR® semi-final. MOOG® is an integral part of the racing experience. And MOOG parts are essential of the success of this race.


Road course circuit
length: 3.692 km
16 turns

The race is on!

The semi-finals are coming up and it will be in Hockenheim, Germany. Are you excited yet? Watch the teaser movie to warm up!


Meet Anthony Kumpen: NASCAR® driver

Experience a NASCAR® race through the eyes of Anthony Kumpen from PK Carsport.

Meet Inge Deweerdt: spotter

What’s a spotter? And why are they so important in a NASCAR® race? Find out here.

Supporting the drivers

Behind every great driver, is a passionate team of technicians, a world-class car and outstanding, quality components. So how do MOOG components measure up? Discover what Fabien Debray, NASCAR® Technician for Team FJ, thinks of MOOG suspension & steering components.


Power and speed

From beginning to end, it’s been a fantastic Saturday of NASCAR® racing . Watch what happened here!

Relive the excitement!

It’s been a thrilling NASCAR® Sunday – catch up here with what you missed.