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NASCAR® GP in Italy!

The American NASCAR® weekend!

Valencia has been a whirlwind of excitement, roaring engines and, tight finishes. <name> took the victory in the Elite 1 series and <name> took the stage in Valencia as the Elite 2 winner.

Franciacorta circuit

Prepare yourself: it’s almost time for the thrill of NASCAR® Europe to come to Italy. And it’s going to be spectacular! World-class drivers competing in high-speed races to be named the champion, surrounded by NASCAR® fun and excitement – and all supported by quality MOOG® parts. MOOG is proud to be NASCAR® ’s reliable Steering & Suspension supplier in America – and now that partnership is also in Europe.

The circuit: Autodromo di Franciacorta

Built in a cave, the Autodromo di Franciacorta offers fans a complete view of the entire track, for a spectacular NASCAR® experience. And MOOG is an essential part of that experience.



Meet Arianna Casoli

Born in a racing family in Italy, Arianna Casoli grew up in the paddocks of the most competitive series in Europe, from Formula 3 to Formula 1, where she promptly caught the racing bug. She began with Touring Cars and after building her career as an architect between 2002 and 2013, she returned to her beloved passion: motorsports. She debuted in the NASCAR Whelen Euro Series™ in 2016, winning the Lady Cup and with the trophy she also won a Late Model test in the US with Mike Skinner as her coach. She was second in the Lady Cup in 2017 and will return to NWES to win the trophy back this season, at the wheel of her #54 CAAL Racing Chevrolet.


Supporting the drivers

Behind every great driver, is a passionate team of technicians, a world-class car and outstanding, quality components. So how do MOOG components measure up? Discover what Fabien Debray, NASCAR® Technician for Team FJ, thinks of MOOG suspension & steering components.


Get ready for fast-paced action in Italy

It’s almost time for the NASCAR® race in Franciacorta, Italy. It’ll be full of twists and turns, fast-paced action and NASCAR® fun. Are you ready?

Meet Alex Caffi: racing legend

From Formula 1 to NASCAR®, Alex Caffi is a racing legend. Find out more about the man behind the team in our NASCAR® Insider interview.


Did you miss the NASCAR® Italian race? - Saturday highlights

Catch up with the highs and lows, the thrills and spills, the fun and games of NASCAR® Europe now!

Did you miss the NASCAR® Italian race? - Sunday highlights

Catch up with the highs and lows, the thrills and spills, the fun and games of NASCAR® Europe now!