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How MOOG Produces Parts That Deliver Peace of Mind

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Leading-edge production process, quality-assurance and industry-leading warranty make for parts installers can trust


A sufficient replacement part will work as it should. But for that part to be easy to fit while also providing peace of mind to an installer requires a rigorous production process, state-of-the-art technology, and the highest standards for quality. MOOG brings all these together to offer the best available steering and suspension parts on the market.

MOOG’s commitment to quality begins in the technology innovations and quality-led systems in its flagship European facility. Here, MOOG employs artificial intelligence (AI), the Internet of Things (IoT), and intelligent automation powered by interconnected machines and sensors that share data in real time to streamline production and identify and correct user errors. Poka-Yokes (a Japanese term meaning “error proofing”) and other quality-control measures also contribute to the trust installers and end-users can have in MOOG parts.

Precise measurements taken at all critical steps of the production line allow for both in-line and end-of-line evaluation of the quality of each part produced. Connected smart machines use this data to drill down to the exact production parameters required for each assembly, ensuring all parts uniformly fall within required tolerances. In addition, this information is instrumental in MOOG’s assembly process analysis to implement improvements in the production of subsequent parts.

Traceability is Key

MOOG also is able to ensure the uniform quality of every part it produces by making them traceable at the part level, through the serial number assigned to each component. This separates MOOG from other producers that are usually only able to identify the batch in which a part was produced, not the part itself. This traceability allows for unmatched precision in identifying any variance in the production process and makes it possible to swiftly and accurately make adjustments or correct errors that might compromise quality.

Another important advantage offered by MOOG is that 100% of the parts it produces are torque tested. Torque testing identifies any defects or deviations from MOOG’s strict quality standards.

Underscoring its confidence in the quality and reliability of its parts, MOOG offers an industry-best 3-year warranty that in actuality results in very few returns. On average, only about 0.04% of MOOG parts are returned under warranty.

It’s one thing to say you make quality parts, but at MOOG we define quality in terms of the end users who rely on us to help protect the safety of their families

Davor Horvat, Steering & Suspension Business Line Leader, EMEA

“We’ve worked tirelessly to perfect our production processes and achieve 100% consistency. It’s how we build peace of mind into every steering and suspension part with the MOOG name on it.”

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